Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting "Bold is the ship bound for Alpha Centauri, nothing can turn it around..." Since Star Trek has not yet become a reality, we must ride the bold spaceship of our imagination and view the wonders of the universe through pictures taken by telescopes. Thanks to Hubble and others, we can emulate Captain Picard and say, "Let's see what's out there." Glories and Wonders! How great Thou art!
  • Mad is the Captain of Alpha Centauri; We must be out of our minds. Still we are shipmates bound for tomorrow, and everyone here's flying blind. Mad is the crew bound for Alpha Centauri, Dreamers and poets and clowns. Bold is the crew bound for Alpha Centauri; nothing can turn it around. Oh, we must believe in magic; we must believe in the guiding hand. If you believe in magic, you'll have the universe at your command. Artist:Crystal Gayle; album UNKNOWN
  • Friday, October 02, 2009


    The Never-Ending Dream of Flight

    The Never-Ending Dream of Flight

    1. Tales from the complex history of the moon race.

      ABC News coverage of Apollo 11, the 40th anniversary of the historic moon ... WATCH: The Never-Ending Dream of Flight. WATCH: 'I Called the Moon My Home' ... - 77k
    Apollo 11 Anniversary: Debate Still Rages

    Apollo: 'One Giant Leap'? Or a Waste of Money?

    40 years after Neil Armstrong's moonwalk, the debate goes on.
    Most recently, NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, a member of the Apollo 14 mission that landed on the moon in 1971, elaborated on his own fluid thoughts on the universe, arguing that alien visits to Earth have been covered up by governments for more than 60

    How Did Moon Travel Change Astronauts?

    For some, going to the moon changed the course of their lives.
    PHOTO:Some people claim the moon landing was a hoax.

    Debunking Moon Landing Hoax Theories

    A review of so-called evidence suggesting the Apollo 11 never reached the moon.
    Moon Mission

    Photos: Where Are The Moonwalkers Now?

    What happens after the mission of a lifetime?
    PHOTO An artist's conception of the LCROSS space probe, trailing its Centaur booster rocket on a crash course toward the moon is shown.

    After Apollo: Water on the Moon?

    NASA probe, 40 years after Apollo, to make a splash if it finds frozen deposits.
    Apollo moon landing

    Stars and Stripes: Putting the Flag on the Moon

    The story of how NASA planted that famous flag on the moon

    To View 3 main videos, click on

    Liftoff for Apollo 11
    NASA documentary shows the historic launch July

    Moon Landing History Revisited
    VIDEO: ABC's Robert Krulwich on man's impact on space exploration.

    Buzz Aldrin on the Dangers of Apollo 11

    The first journey to the moon was especially risky (July 7, 1997).

    Was Moon Mission a Step Forward?

    Apollo 11's impact on future plans for space exploration (July 20, 1994).

    Breakdown of Apollo 11

    1969 animation shows how the spacecraft's parts made its moon mission possible.
    VIDEO: ABC News gives a 1969 profile of Neil Armstrong.

    1969 Profile of Neil Armstrong

    ABC's Frank Reynolds talks about the life of the Apollo 11 commander.

    The Buzz About Moon Walking

    Aldrin was the second man to step on the lunar surface (July 20, 1999).

    'I Called the Moon My Home'

    A filmmaker sits down with all the men who walked on the moon.

    Technology & Science
    Apollo 11: The Unseen Pictures


    to view 3 more major videos, click onto main Url above



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